Simple Plan By Simple Plan

So, after the release of ”Still Not Gettin’ Any…”, people were sure where the band’s sound was going. Pop-punk with sing-along chorus were plenty a formula that made SP gain the attention that their required. And some of the musics were pretty good that made you start a revolution. But what it happens when the band starts to get madure enough to make a record that doesn’t sound a little like Punk? It SUCKS! Sorry to use that word, but the catchy rythms have appearead, but this time they are in the pop way… It sounds a lot like a comercial record that doesn’t know the difference beetween making records and gain fans. It sounds like a Justin Timberlake feat. Sum 41 record, with predictable rythms and stupid catchy choruses that probably will enjoy pop lovers… So I think SP should reconsiderer of making a punk album that the fans always liked than a pop record that probably people will buy just because it’s SP. Damn who buys this record, a regrettably horrible record with predictable guitar sound like movie soundtracks and Jimmy Eat World wannabes choruses. But everything isn’t bad in SP. Almost is, but a song you are going to find, in fact, very interesting is ”Generation” with a rythm that sounds like a soccer opening that makes a pretty good song. But a song doesn’t make a record, it could be the best damn song you ever heard, but the record can be like SP. So, if you buy this record, you should return it and never ear SP the rest of your life… Or throw it to the trash and forget that SP existed or the third choice is create a anti – SP mature club that certainly will get a lot of people fighting SP mature… (10% of 100%)

PS: Probably you, that are curious to see if the record is so bad, you will buy it… But don’t tell that I didn’t warn you! Recomended Songs : None.


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