Underclass Hero by Sum 41

I admit. I never was a fan of Sum 41. The punk-rock kids with sing along choruses and catchy guitar riffs and energectic rythms never amused me in the albums. But, in Underclass Hero, they surprised me with finally mature sounds, but still the catchy energectic rythms. But like SP, also Sum 41 fail in that part. The songs look very uninspired and the lyrics are simply what was expected of a punk band, not a trying-to-be-madure record… And why do all the songs look like they were inspired in other punk-rock bands? Blink-182, Simple Plan and even My Chemical Romance! The album starts with one of the only songss that I love. ”Underclass Hero” can be a imitation on the bridge of ”Fat Lip”, but I think that, indeed, the chorus e better than ”Fat Lips” ‘s. Then you find a formula in the next to songs, that make them sound AWFUL! Calm part, stupid guitar riffs with wannabe cacthcy rythms and then the clam part. But the songs, if compared with the cheap imitation of the 50’s song ”Blood” of MCR, they are OK. ”Ma Poubelle” is a song that, probably, you are only going to ear if you are really old, or know French and laugh what the song of the lyrics or probably you are too lazy to put on the skip button. Then, the songs look like a imitation of almost all the Blink-182 songs, and the formula applied in the other songs. The only song I think is worth listenning is ”March Of The Dogs”, a catchy punk song talking about (and showing) the ridicoulousness of the album himself.

So trying to be mature, Sum 41 ruined a carreer that, indeed, was pretty good until they made the ”Underclass Hero” album… (60% of 100%) Recomend Songs: March Of The Dogs ;  Underclass Hero


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