It Won’t Be Soon Before Long By Maroon 5

I always had a strange connection with this band… Sure, they were the band that made the record ”Songs About Jane”, a album that started a pop-rock revolution by many bands in the world. But, they were my favourite first band. I bought the record, the live record, and now, almost a year after the debut in USA, I really don’t like my city, because it receives the records with a year of delay…. Well, I bought the record by 10 euros and the first time I listened, I was very disapointed. I waited 5 years to ear the follow up of Maroon 5 and in the end, I simply thought ”I so could spend this money in the From Under The Cork Tree album”. But I thought to myself ”I don’t like it, but let’s just listen to it one more time… The song Makes Me Wonder  was kind of catchy”. But the more I listened, the more I enjoyed it. The ”If I Never See Your Face Again” it’s one of my favourites in thsi album. The strangly pop-rock techno hook was very catchy. A good song to open an amazing album. Than, pasting to the sugar-rush based on computer beats ”Makes Me Wonder”, but the amazing vocalist Adam Lavine sweares in the song, and it’s quite of strange to not have a clean version of the song. Well, pasting to the upbeat ”A Little Of Your Time”, this one sound a lot like ”Can’t Stop”. Maybe you run out of ideas, Maroon 5? Well ”Wake Up Call” is also one of my favourites… It’s irresistible in the hook ”Wake up call/ Caught you with another one in my bed/ Don’t you care about me anymore?”, it’s also very good in the bridge. ”Won’t Go Home Without You” is the ultimate song in this album… The hook, the bridge makes it a Fall Out Boy meet Maroon 5 and Backstreet Boys production. It’s a very but very good song. Well done M5! ”Nothing Lasts Forever” and the other songs in the album have a formula… Good hook, very good bridge and lyrics about romance, sex and cheat. It’s an album that shows a band that knows in what they are better… Making Pop-Rock Techno songs. Like Fall Out Boy before them, they finally don’t show a little bit of punk in their new songs. (84% Of 100%) Recomended Songs: Kiwi ; If I Never See Your Face Again ; Makes Me Wonder ; Nothing Lasts Forever ; Won’t Go Home Without You.


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