Whisper War By The Cab

Who knew? N’SYNC reencarnated under the name of The Cab. When you give a first listen to ”Whisper War” from the pop-rock band The Cab, that’s the first thought that comes to your mind.

This guys have a good debute here. I mean, they are not making any improvement in the music. The ideas are kind of very used, and some of the songs HIGHLY sound like they were made by N’SYNC. The songs are catchy, and songs like ”Bounce” and ”I’ll Run” sound they were taken from a movie soundtrack and were reformuled to this record. Starting with a angry pop-punk anthem ”One Of THOSE Nights” is the most original, so, the best in the record. With special guests, that are Brendon Urie (PATD) and Patrick Stump (FOB), this record is decent enough to please the pop lovers and, for those who like Maroon 5, this record deserves every euro you spend on it.

Including an acoustic guitar and a piano, it’s a record that deserves to be listen, at least, two times if you buy it. But it’s not only the lack of creation that fails on ”Whisper War”. Also the use of some R&B elements that make the song don’t sound as good as it can gets. But, the wighest problem ear is really how long are you going to listen to the album. It starts fun, poppy, catchy, a good debut from a band. But you WON’T listen to it 10 or 15 times. You’ll probably ear it 3 or 4 times in a year and then, put it in the shelf, because it’s easly boring.

Don’t get ”Whisper War” wrong. When you ear it for the first time, it’s a dancy, easly funny pop record well crafted with some late 80’s pop. But, after listen to it again, the songs easly get boring. It’s a excellent debut with great tunes, but little else. There’s nothing you can hang your heart on, and there’s much that can give you reasons to not listen to the album again. (73% of 100%) Recomended Songs: One Of THOSE Nights; Can You Keep A Secret?; I’ll Run.


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