Era Vulgaris By Queens Of The Stone Age

Here I am again, to make another post. I’m here also to tell that I’m sorry that most of the reviews had a lot of errors but I’m portuguese and I’m only 15. I’m still trying to graduate, but I’m going to try to be more carefull when I’m writing the reviews.

So, here I am, reviewing the album Era Vulgaris, the fourth by the stone-metal band Queens Of The Stone Age. When I first heard QOTSA, I was simply earing random songs from my friend’s iPod. The first song I heard was ”3’s & 7’s”. After I listenned this song, I quickly asked to my friend ”WTF OF SONG IS THIS?!?!! IT ROCKS!”. I was impressed with the song because it’s not every day that you ear a rock & roll band in the 00’s. He told me all about them. About Songs For The Deaf, R, Lullabies To Paralyze and their success.

I’m not here to compare the QOTSA’s Era Vulgaris to the other albums that they made because I never heard them. This album is good. Since the straight-ahead rock & roll song ”Turning On The Screw”, to the calm melodie ”Running Joke”, it’s a pure calm but delightfull metal album. It’s as easy (and as catchy) to ear as a pop album, but it clearly joins the techno music atributes with the old-fashioned rock & roll. It’s clear that the best song in the album (and the darkest) is ”Sick, Sick, Sick”. While in the begining, it starts with a dark guitar rythm, it quickly pastes to the stone-metal that people well know from Songs For The Deaf (at least is what I think after earing 30 seconds previews on iTunes) to a cathcy pop inflicted with metal and again to a dark guitar solo. The album is also very well composed. But I must say… It’s nothing that you can say ”WOW!”. I had high hopes to this album after earing to ”Sick, Sick, Sick” and ”3’s & 7’s”. While some of the songs were good enough to please my expactations ( ”I’m Designer” and ”Make It Wit Chu”), the rest of the album was too calm, too melodic (while ”Sick, Sick, Sick” was metally fast and catchy).

I don’t know and I don’t care what the QOTSA did before. This album can be melodically pleasing, but, for me, it’s melodically boring. (78% of 100%)


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