Top 5 Best And Worst Of 2007

The Top 5 Worst Of 2007

1- Simple Plan – Simple Plan

After 4 years waiting for the third album of the pop-punk band Simple Plan, they launched the self-titled Simple Plan. I mean, after 4 years, it was probable that the return was going to be huge, the best record of the band. Contrarly to what I tought, it was the band’s worst album and, it sure can be mature, but come on! Was it really necessary a album so weak? Such a stupid pop record with all the ideas drained…? They have to think about their future a little more, AND SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT CHANGING THE SOUND!

2 – Era Vulgaris – Queens Of The Stone Age

I didn’t hope a melodic album after reading so positive reviews about the album. I hoped pure, smashing Stone-Metal and Rock & Roll of QOTSA. The only song REALLY worth listening was ”Sick, Sick, Sick”. It was so simple, but at the same time, so spectacular! But the rest of the album was only stupid, bommer metal. A very disapointing album for this year. QOTSA, please make less boring music and more frenectic rock & roll.

3 – ¡Viva La Cobra! – Cobra Starship

It’s been two years since the debut album While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets. Man, I turned into a fan of this band since the moment I listened to the chorus of ”Send My Love To The Dancefloor, I’ll See You In Hell (Hey Mister DJ)”. The album was funny. Not to complicated, but yet, not to simple. It was just pure fun dance-rock that you could listen whenever you wanted. In the sophomore effort, ¡Viva La Cobra! , I don’t know if it was the production by Patrick Stump or the band’s lack of ideas. This album tries to put more rock than dance in their sounds, what makes them sound like a PATD follower band. Please Cobra Starship, go back to the sound that the fans love and stop picking the trash of Fall Out Boy.

3 – Riot! – Paramore

Why am I considering Paramore’s sophomore album the third worst of 2007…? It’s lack of ideas, it’s too sensitive and the songs don’t have a lot of differences in the guitar. It’s sure that the band has got talent. Hailey Williams is a powerfull singer with an outsanding voice, and the band… Well, it’s a band, with drums, guitars and a bass. But most of the songs on the album fall short such as ”For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic” or ”When It Rains”. But, there are some good songs that show why the band is well known, for example ”Crushcrushcrush” and ”Misery Business”. For the next time, put more difference in the songs, Paramore.

4 – Minutes To Midnight – Linkin Park

Well, they were the first band that was in my Media Player in my life. It was nothing more, nothing less than ”Numb”. I know that the sound they explored was very drained, but they could change to something like in the song ”Given Up”. It’s just to calm and to lame alternative sound, that LP have put in this album… Also like SP, it seems like they spend 4 years resting and one week making this lack CD with no imagination. LP, please, go back to your original sound.

5 – Good Morning Revival – Good Charlotte

To end my list of the top 5 worst of 2007, it’s Good Charlotte. Far from being a punk record, it seems like an advanced (but not too much) CD of Cobra Starship’s sophomore record. It’s just too danceable tha what I thought it would be. Come on, they pasted from pure punk that we loved to dance-rock that we hate (in some situations, worst than Cobra Starship’s worst songs!). GC, learn to play punk again or learn how to do dance-rock right.


Top 5 Best Of 2007


1 – Infinity On High – Fall Out Boy

It is the best album of last year. So polished, so well balanced and such an spectacular pop-rock record. Way better than their previous record, FOB found the perfect balance between the catchy sounds of pop, and the smash riffs of rock. Peter Wentz’s amazing skills to do such stuning lyrics and Patrick Stump’s soulful voice makes this record be listenable and still, never loose is magic and never get tired of listening to it. Songs like ”This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” and ”Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” show the band trying new things, and doing them well, while others like ”Fame < Infamy” and ”You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave” remeber us why this band is one of the most successfull artists of the decade. Congratulations Fall Out Boy! Your record is the pop’s masterpiece. 

2 – The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

It was for an inch or two that My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade wasn’t better than Fall Out Boy’s Infinity On High. This record shows the spectacular voice of the screamo singer Gerard Way and the skills of the guitarists in this band. Songs like ”Dead!” and ”House Of Wolves” show the band getting to other heights. But the album misses in boring songs like ”Sleep” and ”Cancer”, putting them behind FOB. Despite that fact, it’s much better than Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, and the sophomore record by MCR was very good.

3 – It Won’t Be Soon Before Long – Maroon 5

Maroon 5 come back after 5 years. The band’s sophomore record is the second best pop album this year, losing the spot to the great Infinity On High. It’s so well balanced and Adam Lavine’s voice is better than ever, putting him in the top 5 best singers of all time for me. The album is the most perfectly produced record this year, even beating The Black Parade and Infinity On High. It doesn’t miss in any song, but a true is that ”Can’t Stop” and ”Little Of Your Time” show that the band still needed a little more work to make this sophomore record the best pop record this year.Still, it’s a great, great record.

4 – Favourite Worst Nightmare – Arctic Monkeys

After putting their debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not in the UK’s top 5 records of all time, Arctic Monkeys come back with the sophomore album Favourite Worst Nightmare. Recorded in a rush so AM could just go and sing live their new songs, well, it seems like it took 3 months to make such an indie masterpiece. The songs seem to have all the same formula, but a winning and spectacular one. Songs like ”Brianstorm” and ”Fluorescent Adolescent” are the band’s best songs until now, but there are some songs that are just unnecessary. Yet, it is good enough to be the 4th best album of 2007.

5 – A Beautiful Lie – 30 Seconds To Mars

I don’t have a lot to say about this album. It’s simply a wonderful, punk-rock influenciated with emo record. Songs like ”A Beautiful Lie” and ”The Kill (Bury Me)” show how the band can make such solid and catchy songs, for the screamo generation. It’s truly amazing how an actor can have so many talents, being one of them, make good music.


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