Rotation By Cute Is What We Aim For


  • 3.5 OUT OF 5 STARS.

I have a bad historical with this band. The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch  wasn’t what I thought it would be, and sincerely, it was even worst than Simple Plan’s Simple Plan. And everyone knows how I hate that record. The singer is talented, the band was good, but they weren’t making good music. They were making pop-punk radio-ready with easy hooks that conquered them some fans. But, sincerely, they didn’t catch me. But with Rotation, one thing is for sure. They finally grown up. The lyrics aren’t as desesperate as the debut album were, and here, they don’t try to be smart. They finally spend less time in lyrics and more time finding catchy hooks for your ears. And the record is a success. I must tell you, you’re not going to find nothing new here, or something that reinvents music.  But it’s a smart 11 collection of powerpop emo based songs. It kicks off with one of my favourites songs in the album, and the lead single, ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. It founds that balance between the sweetness of a song and that mad chorus that gives the song the cherry on the top of the cake. It’s a good starter in the album. Next, it’s the insanely catchy ‘Doctor’. This is pure powerpop in its best. But, sometimes, you get the feeling that you already heard that before. It gives that déja-vu feeling, because I know a lot of powerpop bands, and this is nothing new. But it is a good song. ‘Navigate Me’ is one of those songs that make me simply bored. The chorus ”Navigate me/ Threw your body / Navigate me” is not that good, it feels like a filler here. The bridge is OK, and the lyrics are good. ‘Loser’ starts with that strange way that CIWWAF in all the songs. What is that for? Well, whatever. The song is a basic powerpop, and again, a filler. But it isn’t monotone as ‘Navigate Me’ is. It is more pop-punkier than the second song, but it falls short. ‘Do What You Do’ took me four hours just to find it and download it. Was it worth my time? I must say, it certainly was. This one ends the fillers, and delivers you a Jimmy Eat World sound like. It is in the same vein as ‘Navigate Me’, but it is more danceable and the computer sounds make the song amazing. ‘Hollywood’ doesn’t start as the other songs (or you make all the songs with a stupid beginning or you don’t make it at all, CIWWAF). It is the song that most shows the band maturing, and the song is one of those that MUST be on you’re Summer soundtrack. Let’s say that is the Hillary Duff’s ‘Dignity’ in powerpop way. It makes a good use of the hornets and the Spanish guitar. ‘Safe Ride’ was on of the two songs that leaked to the Internet (the other was ‘Doctor’) before the whole album was available in the band’s MySpace. It is a romantic song that show the band’s ability to make good lyrics and good songs. It is kind of a filler, but it depends on the personal taste. Then, ‘The Lock Down Denial’ is the song that I most like in the album. It is catchy, and Shaant Hacikyan’s vocals were never better. The best song on the album. ‘Marriage To Millions’ is, let’s say… I don’t have much to say about it. Good song, good lyrics. A simple filler. ‘Miss Sobriety’ kicks of spectacularly cool. According to my girl friends, ”Shaant’s voice is so sweet in the beginning!”. I’m a boy, so I don’t know if I should say that the vocals are sweet. But that are felt, probably are. It is a good song to, not a filler. My girlfriend’s favourite song.’Time’ ends the album spectacularly, with a great song and an even more amazing hook.


Compared to The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch, Rotation is much better in every aspect. The hooks come more often and the songs are much more listenable. I listen to this album one time a week, and it’s not any album that I listen one time a week. Great album, CIWWAF. Shaant, you SHOULD be proud.


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