Santi By The Academy Is…


  • 3.5 OF 5 STARS

The Academy Is… isn’t one of the ‘normal’ bands that you find on FBR. They’re not punk or even emo. They’re simply powerpop. Such as CIWWAF, they create catchy tunes with very good riffs. But TAI… approach their powerpop in a different way. They create more raw and more turned to rock & roll songs instead of creating sweet powerpop songs, CIWWAF way. William Becket’s voice is also quite different of what I usually hear. He has a very good voice and he is a powerful vocalist. But why do people don’t embrace them if they are as catchy as hell and a more powerful band that most of the bands around the mainstream? Don’t know, but the people that listen to them, have good taste. Santi  is a smart collection of 11 powerpop songs that really stuck in your head. But they still fail in some things. Let’s review the album. In my opinion, the album doesn’t start well. Same Blood is a boring song that it doesn’t even deserve to be in this CD. TAI… start the song well, but this one falls short. It took half a star from my review. But then, LAX To O’Hare comes to save the day, and it does it as good as hell. The song is catchy, the lyrics are cool, and the rhythm is also very good . This is one of my favorite songs in the whole album. TAI… really knew what they were doing in this song. Than, it’s time to We’ve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands.This one was my first favourite of them. It was the only one of TAI… that I had in my iPod. It’s a nice song, very catchy and a little more raw than what I’m used to ear in powerpop. Then, it’s the worst song in the album. Sleeping With Giants (Lifetime) basically sucks. And why is that? There’s no catchyness in here and the song is simply boring. I almost fell asleep in this one. It starts OK, but it just falls apart with the chorus. Bad song. Then, it comes Everything We Had.  This one is one of those songs that you simply love or hate. It just depends on your personal taste. Do you like fast catchy songs? If you do, then this ain’t for you. Do you like emotional love songs? Then, this is definitely for you. In my opinion, it’s simply a OK song. Bulls In Brooklyn, first, gave me a headache. Why is that? At first, it sounds boring and a simple filler. But this song really grows on you. ‘Some people have it, and other people don’t’ stuck in my head for weeks and the chorus is a blast between arrogance and anger. I like the attitude that TAI… take in this song. Neighbors is one hell of a catchy song. Specially the chorus. It’s so fast and full of energy. But, at the same time, it doesn’t have that much energy. I mean, when you first hear, it looks like it is fast. But after 3 or 4 listens, you realize that it ain’t that fast. It tries, but it isn’t. But still, it’s one of the catchiest songs in the album. Seed is my favorite song in the album. Why is that? This is pure raw powerpop, but the chorus is God-Like. ‘You’ve got that seed in you’ is also a God-Like sentence that simple stucks in your head for the next 3 months. I can’t describe how much I like this song. It’s one of my favorite of all time. Chop Chop sounds a little strange at the beggining, but as soon as you hear William Becket’s voice, you know that this song is good. It has the best chorus in the album. I didn’t hear a chorus as this since FOB’s Dance, Dance. This is one hell of a good song. You Might Have Noticed sound like a LP song at the beggining, but in the end, you realize that is something between We’ve Got A Big Mess In Our Hands and Bulls In Brooklyn. For me, this is just a filler. To end, comes Unexpected Places. It has a spanish feeling in the song, and the chorus is OK. A nice song to end the album.


I’m going to save you some time by a really brief judgment. Great band, great album. You should check out the 30 seconds previews in iTunes and buy it for 10 euros. Believe me, you won’t regret. Maybe only Sleeping With Giants.


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