Chase This Light By Jimmy Eat World


  • 4 OF 5 STARS

Jimmy Eat World were always one of my favorite bands. There’s no question about it. ‘Bleed American’ is in the top list of my favorite albums ever! I not mean from the 2000’s, I really mean ever! They are the reason why I even started to ear music constantly. I have ‘Bleed American’, ‘Futures’ and ‘Clarity’ but is ‘Chase This Light’ good enough to be in my top albums ever? I’m sorry to say this, but no, it isn’t. ‘Chase This Light’ kicks of like the other Jimmy Eat World albums. With a powerful song that is an introduction to what you’re going to listen next. ‘Big Casino’ is a good song and my favorite part is the ‘Get up! Get up!’ in the song. It just feels me of energy. Then, it’s time for a angry song to enter. ‘Let It Happen’ is a good song, with a powerful chorus and a catchy rhythm. But this is nothing special coming from JEW. Then, in my opinion, comes one of the best songs on the album ‘Always Be’. It’s emotional and a typical emo-romantic song. The lyrics are very well made and the chorus is catchy as hell. ‘Carry You’ is what we don’t see usually see from JEW. It’s a simple filler… It has nothing special on it and it’s easily forgettable. ‘Electable (Give It Up)’ is a FOB song sampler. The song kicks of well but it ends up failing in the chorus. It’s to boring and the ‘Oh! Oh! Oh!’s are boring… ‘Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues’ is a song that I wanted to hear since I started listening music. It’s calm and the vocals are perfectly well in the song. The lyrics are exceptional. ‘Feeling Lucky’ and ‘Chase This Light’ aren’t, in a reviewers opinion, good songs. They have the same formula and it isn’t a good one. Didn’t like this ones… ‘Here It Goes’ is the best song in the album. It’s different from what we are used to ear and it delivers a I-rock track. ‘Firefight’ is a good song that it’s between a romantic and desperate type. It’s a good listen. To end the album, it’s the second best track in the album. ‘Dizzy’ is romantic and simply amazing. It’s powerful and majestic so it’s an excellent end to a good album.



People are going to skip to this part, so I’ll resume what I said up there. It’s a good listen but disappointing compared to JEW’s old material. It’s solid, it explores a new sound but it falls short. It’s a good listen especially in the Summer and, if you’re looking for new JEW’s material, it’s worth a look.


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