Breakout By Miley Cyrus


  • 3 OF 5 STARS

Miley Cyrus is actually one of the most famous teenagers on the music business. After the huge success of HSM, other programs and bands from Disney Channel started to get famous. ‘Hannah Montana’ was one of them. In the show, Miley Cyrus pretends to be a normal teenager with a secret. She is also the famous rock star Hannah Montana. But I’m not here to comment the series. ‘Breakout’ is the first album (not counting the two-disc set ‘Hannah Montana 2/ Meet Miley Cyrus’) where Miley Cyrus is not protected by her ”alter-ego”. The album starts with a song that you wouldn’t see Hannah Montana singing, but only because of the lyrics. The rhythm are the usual teenager bubblegum that she is familiarised  with. The first song is a cliché. ‘7 Things’ is the single AND the best song in the whole album. It starts with a country wave to quickly change to fast pop-teenager-sound-like. It sounds lame in the beginning, but it simply grows on you. ‘The Driveway’ is a ballad that anyone can do. Miley puts on prove her vocals and she delivers. But the song itself is something that Hannah Montana would sing. This one is a cliché as the first song. ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ was a song that I didn’t first associated to the original one. When I was seeing the series ‘Bones’ on FOX, when Brennan sang the song, I finally associated the song to the title. She tried hard to make justice to that classic, but she failed. The song isn’t as near as catchy as the original. It was a mistake putting Miley trying to cover a classic. ‘Full Circle’  is a good song. I can’t imagine Hannah Montana singing this one. It’s something new and it’s one of the best songs on the album. Then, it comes the weird and freaky ‘Fly On The Wall’. And, strangely, my favorite song in the album. The song is catchy as hell and, despite the lyrics are weird, the song is still catchy. ‘Bottom Of The Ocean’ is a song that it’s between being a cliché and not being one. The song is probably, the most heart-felt song of the year in pop. But it is something that Hannah would sing. Again… ‘Wake Up America’ talks about the global warming and the song is the second best one. Hannah singing this? Nope, don’t think so… This one is original and catchy. ‘These Four Walls’ is a ballad that replaces ‘The Driveway’ as the best ballad in the album. It compensates on the mistakes that ‘The Driveway’ did (being a cliché) and it is a good song. ‘Simple Song’ is a ballad filler. Someone made the song, Miley thought is sounded cool, so she putted there just because it was cool. It’s simply a filler. ‘Goodbye’ is… another ballad? Three in a row. Why Milley? Why not only one? Whatever… (Read description above to know what the song is). ‘See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix)’ gives the little dance touch on a good song.


This still sound like a lot of Hannah Montana on it, but still, there are some parts where you feel like you are listening to Miley Cyrus. ‘Breakout’ can’t live up to his title, but it tries. Sometimes too hard, sometimes not enough. It’s a good record and a solid one, but still with some mistakes. Maybe in the next record, Cyrus corrects the mistakes and breaks out a little more…


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