So Wrong, It’s Right By All Time Low


  • 4.5 OUT OF 5 STARS

All Time Low are the typicalWarped Tour band. A pop-punk band that makes tunes that everyone has listen. So, why am I giving this record a 4.5 out of 5 stars? Because ATL are the band that I looked for all my life. Now that we are in the Summer, ATL are the perfect band to make my Summer soundtrack. They’re catchy as hell and they make little mistakes in this 12 songs collection of Summer pop-punk. So let’s start reviewing the album. The album kicks of with a fast pop-punk tune. ‘This Is How We Do’ is a good starter to the album, but not exactly the best. It’s too fast and sometimes you feel like it isn’t a good song to start an album. But then, ‘Let It Roll’ is what it was supposed to be a beginner. It is the song that best describes the album. Pop-punk that is catchy as hell and the lyrics are also good to kick of a album. ‘Six Feet Under The Stars’ is one of the best songs in the album, because it has the catchiest hook in the album. ‘Holly (Would You Turn Me On?)’ it’s simply weird to sing with a girl called Holly at your side. But still, it’s my favorite song in the album. The vocals are spectacular and the lyrics are good. The rythm is perfect in the song. ‘The Beach’ is a perfect song if you like the… well, the beach. It’s so well-mancrafted and the lyrics are spectacular, apropriated to the song’s title. ‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ is the song that I would sing if I was in love with a Maria in my class. It’s the single, so that means it’s catchy as hell. ‘Shameless’ is simply a filler. Nothing more to say. ‘Remembering Sunday’ is the song where ATL fail. It’s too repetitive and it’s simply not that good. It’s a nice ballad acoustic song, but it’s just too repetitive. ‘Vegas’ is my second favorite and the second best in the album. It’s about friends, a thing that’s not that usuall. ‘Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night’ is the song that I’m trying to use now to stay awake… It’s fast. I’ve got nothing more to say because I’m almost falling asleep. ‘Come On, Come All’… Filler. ‘Poppin’ Champagne’… Not a good song to end the album…


Well, I said I would edit this later, so that’s what I’ll do. ATL are an amazing band and here they present one of the best soundtracks for the Summer… You MUST buy it if you like pop-punk. There’s no choice here… Buy. It. Now!


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