Fast Times At Barrington High By The Academy Is…


  • 4 OUT OF 5 STARS

Fast Times At Barrington High is the best CD that TAI… ever made. I started this review by saying this to answer to the question that’s echoing in your head: ‘Is this album better then their others?’. Yes, it is. I have no problem saying this. TAI… is one of those bands that keep changing direction in every album (like PATD). In this one, they turn back for what made them famous: Catchy Summer powerpop. It’s a shame that this album comes to stores August 19th when it should have go to stores in the beginning of June or in the middle, because, obviously, it’s a Summer record. I was surprised after I heard this album. I never thought that TAI… could be so good. Let’s start the review. ‘About A Girl’ was the first song that you hear of the CD and, I must say, it’s amazing. The song can be a cliché in the lyrics, but it is amazing how William Becket’s voice is even more amazing then in ‘Santi’. It’s one of the best songs. ‘Summer Hair = Forever Young’ is a standout to. The lyrics are about the Summer (obviously) and I must say, it’s a song that quickly sticks in your head. Despite the strange voice in this song, I still like it a lot. ‘His Girl Friday’ is the ultimate standout in the album. It’s chorus is almost as memorable as the ‘Seed’s one and ‘Come on a Monday, Come on a Tuesday’ is going to stick in your head. ‘The Test’ is between being sad and happy. ‘If this is a test, I’m losing my breath’ is sang by TAI… is a sad way, but followed by ‘tu tu ru ru ru’ makes it between happy and sd. It’s a nice song and there’s nothing bad about it… ‘Rumored Nights’ proves that this album is directed to high school. The hook of the song is amazing, and it seems lame at the beginning, but it ends up being one of the best chorus in the album. ‘Automatic Eyes’ is about (I think) William Becket’s thoughts in the house of the girl he likes. It’s not a filler, but there’s nothing you can say ‘Wow!’ to it. But it still shows that TAI… know how to make catchy chorus. ‘Crowded Room’ starts with TAI… screaming and it ends up being a cliché of ‘Bulls In Brooklin’ in the chorus. ‘Coppertone’ mixes all the catchiness that TAI… are capable of and make a very good song. ‘After The Last Midtown Show’ is the slow tempo ballad that every band as. ‘Beware! Cougar!’ is a good catchy song, but nothing special. ‘Paper Chase’ is the usual catchy Summer powerpop song. ‘One More Weekend’ ends the album nicely.


‘Fast Times At Barrington High’ is the best album from TAI… and a good album, specially in the Summer. If you are in pop-punk/powerpop, then this is the album you’ve been waiting for.


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