A Little Bit Longer By Jonas Brothers

A Little Bit Longer CD Cover.JPG

  • 4 OUT OF 5 STARS

Jonas Brothers have been the most famous stars in the mainstream this year, taking FOB from the top. Girls get crazy by this guys that are trying to grow up and let go their Disney part on this album. ‘A Little Bit Longer’ is, without a doubt, a big step to JB. They are now, more mature since their second album ‘Jonas Brothers’ and the songs are  little less pop-teen and a little more simply pop-rock. Now let’s review the album track by track. ‘BB Good’ kicks of the album with… WTF? A pop-teen song? I don’t even know why they kicked of the album in this way. It’s simply too dislocated from the album. It would be better in the ‘Jonas Brothers’ CD. ‘Burnin’ Up’ is a song that tries to prove ‘Nick’s skills to write mature songs.’ From 1 to 10, this is 7 as mature. Why? You can see that he tries to tell a story about him and a girl, but he ends up making it from a teenager point of view. It’s a little edgier than most of their songs (their security making some rap lines on the song… That’s edgy, dudes) and charming. A nice song. Then their is ‘Shelf’. ‘Shelf’ is the first brother’s achievement on a mature song. It’s about a broken heart (almost every song is…) but it’s quite mature to their age. I like the song and shows JB getting edgy again (people singing a chorus is always difficultto put in a song). ‘One Man Show’ is one of my favorite songs from this CD. Nick singing that he is a one man show… That’s a sentence to keep in your head. Because everyone is a one man show (at least I am) in their own way. Also, the song is more turned to rock than the usual pop. ‘Lovebug’ is a acoustic song. I don’t like or dislike the song, it’s not ‘terrific’ like ‘Rollin Stone’ said. It’s something that any band could do (especially PATD). ‘Tonight’ is another song how about JB can’t get right with the girls. I heard it when it came out and I still have this opinion. It’s one of the best songs from JB. Also turned more to pop-rock instead pop only, the song is very well produced and funny (it’s the same that earring that JB are a failure [laughs] ). ‘Can’t Have You’ is the typical love song that every album has to have (no, it’s not the ballad). It’s very pop and I don’t like or dislike. Simple filler. ‘OMG did you ear I’m dating a Jonas brother? It’s sooo hot!’ kicks of probably the best song of the album that is ‘Video Girl’. It’s about how all the girls want to be stars and that ‘they all want the money’. It’s kinda a cliché but it works fine for me. It’s different from what JB usually do. ‘Pushin’ Me Away’ is another song about girls (don’t you have other subjects?) but it’s also turned more to rock. I think this is the second best song of the album. It’s nice how all comes together in the song. ‘Sorry’ it’s a filler ballad. Don’t like it. It’s simply too much cliché to me. ‘Got Me Going Crazy’ starts of like ny rock song. Drums, then a strange sound and the voice of Joe in the background. It’s a good song about (like you didn’t know) girls… ‘A Little Bit Longer’ ends the album with a spectacular ballad. About Nick’s diabetes, the song is more cheerful in the album then live, but it’s very good. Really.


Definitely it’s a grower for JB, and the signs are good for the next album. Still some mistakes here and there, but overall, it’s excellent. Not as good as I thought it was going to be (with the hype and the Rolling Stone review), but, if you like some pop-rock and the mainstream acts, then, Jonas Brothers is for you.


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