Quick Reviews.

Sorry I’m not posting this earlier but on Saturday I was occupied studying -.-‘. Well, I still had time to listen to some albums. Here they go:

Don't Forget coverDemi Lovato- ‘Don’t Forget’

  • 4 OUT OF 5 STARS

HSM was a phenomenom. Not only made millions for Disney in subscriptions to their channel, DVDs and the soundtrack, but also launched other stars carrer’s. Miley Cyrus is one of them, the Jonas Brothers to, Vanessa Hudgens and now… Demi Lovato. After being in the (too much) publicited movie with JB, she makes her debut and it’s single powerpop with a little touch of candy songs. Her album ‘Don’t Forget’ is still some what with too many ballads, but it’s not bad for a debut.

 Doll Domination cover The Pussycat Dolls – ‘Doll Domination’

  • 1 OUT OF 5 STARS

Give it up girls… You have talent to catch the attention, not to make music… ‘When I Grow Up’ basically sums up the rest of the album: Awful (really awful) you-think-I-don’t-rock-but-I-do songs… If you’re looking to get your ears bleeding, this is your best shot.

And it’s only these two albums… Wow, this is a bad month for music…


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