‘Folie À Deux’ Lost The Release Date.

All around the world, FOB fans are pissed. What happened after all? Why isn’t ‘Folie À Deux’ coming November 4th? Well, that’s still a mistery. Acording to a blog entry on FOB’s website, the album was delayed because of the time to end the production. But I don’t get it. I mean, they should have thought about the time they needed to finish the album. There was a deadline that FOB fans have in their notebooks, or journal, or website or calendary that annouces the date of FOB’s new album. I’m surely pissed. I mean, I wanted to listen to their new album and now, it just gets delayed? You know what it should happen to you, FOB? Getting your whole album ‘leakead’ exactly on November 4th! So you could finally learn what’s a deadline. I’m sure disappointed with you guys.  (The album has been set for DECEMBER, 16TH)


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