‘808’s & Heartbreak’ By Kanye West: Review

  • 5 OUT OF 5 STARS

I’ve definitely changed my mind about auto-tune. I thought that auto-tune was just for clumsy artists that don’t hit the right notes. Kanye West changed this concept. His new album “808’s & Heartbreak” is pure auto-tune with singing of a (former?) rapper. Kanye West is on it’s best. ‘Paranoid’ is a dance-club ready tune with nice lyrics and Kid Cudi putting the cherry on the top of the cake making this song unbelievably catchy. ‘See You In My Nightmares’ puts Lil’ Wayne delivering some singing and ‘Coldest Winter’ delivers probably the saddestsong in the album. But none of this songs can compare to the simple rhythm, delivering piano and tribal-drums in the most part of the song “Love Lockdown”. ‘Keep your love lockdown/Keeping your love lockdown’ is fast-speaking for persons who just had a heartbreak. ‘Street Lights’ reveals itself as an anthem while ‘Heartless’ is the song you would like to dedicate to the girl that you love but she doesn’t love you.


Here there are no flaws, not filler, just painful songs that are good for a listen whether you just had a heartbreak or when you just kissed for the first time. Kanye West returns at his top game, and no one can deny it.


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