‘Day & Age’ By The Killers: Review

 Day & Age cover

  • 4 OUT OF 5 STARS

For a moment, forget everything you know about The Killers. Forget that their debut album ‘Hot Fuss’ was universally critically acclaimed and sold 2.5 million copies in one year. Forget that 2 years later, ‘Sam’s Town’ disappointed both in critics and in copies. And now that everything is out of your system, let me start the review. The Killers are a little like Fall Out Boy or Jonas Brothers in the UK. They are famous, they win a lot of awards and their music is catchy. ‘Day & Age’ surprised me. I basically only liked ”Read My Mind”, ”Bones” and ”Mr. Brightside” from these guys, because everything else was so boring. ‘Day & Age’ changes this. In the moment that ”Losing Touch” starts playing, you know you’re in for a roller coaster Las Vegas style. The songs are quickly delivered by Brandon Flower’s not-so-changed voice and you’ll find yourself liking more and more each song every time you play the album. ”Human”, the first single, is catchy as any FOB song but the lyrics aren’t so good ”Are we human? / Or are we dancer?”… Well, Brandon, I think that every dancer is a human. ”Spaceman” delivers fast ”oh oh ohs” and keeps the up-beat along the song. The only disappointment is ”Neon Tiger” that delivers odd lyrics with a boring indie-rock feeling. Not even the shout ”Come on girls and boys / Come on and make some noise!” followed by a guitar solo can save this song. But, overall, the album is catchy, well produced and has the 80’s feeling mixed up with the new generation anthems. The best album that The Killers ever made and my 3rd favorite album released this year (1st is ‘The Quilt’ and 2nd ‘808s And Heartbreak’).

Download this album: here


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