‘Tifanny Blews’ Gets (Almost) Leaked

There are (again) some strange things happening in FOB’s side. After CFOB, now, it’s ‘Tiffany Blews’. After a webisode where they previewed ‘Tiffany Blews’, now, it seems like the other clip that many people thought it was from ‘w.a.m.s’ is a part of ‘Tiffany’. According to Karinski’s review, the song ‘Tiffany’ has ”… lots of ‘oh oh ohs’. Really cool clapping bit”. All that you can find in the clip. Now, let’s hope for anyone who’s close to the band a confirmation.

UPDATE: According to CFOBmania, a story on Spin Magazine had a line on the interview that is the following:

“Their third major-label album boasts puns-for-punters wordplay (e.g., “Dear gravity / You held me down,” from “Tiffany Blews”)

So, it is finally officially confirmed that this is a part of the song ‘Tiffany Blews’.


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