Fall Out Boy’s ‘Folie à Deux’ : Review


  • 5 OUT OF 5 STARS


Yes, it leaked, ladies and gentlemen. Today, 7th December, around midnight, the album was uplodaded to several P2P and I was one of the first to download it. Before I knew it, it was 4 am and I was listening to the album for the fourthor fifth time! Always enjoyable, never dull, FOB manage to combine the sounds from their previous album to a Hollywood-budget production, covering almost every aspect on Pop, Punk and Rock. The album kicks off with the huge ‘Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes’. It starts with a church-choral opening and then it goes to a massive pop-pun sound. Here, they claim that they are through with tragedy and in with the happy. ”Nobody wants to ear you sing about tragedy!”, Patrick Stump almost screams to the microphone. Wentz still delivers his enigmatic, ironical lyrics ”Pitching myself into other people’s dreams”. ‘I Don’t Care’ is a glammy, amazing and craftily produced tune, that comes close to an anthem than anything they did before. ”I don’t care about what you think / As long as it’s about me” is another example that Pete hasn’t changed a thing. It’s self-affirmative and it’s penned in the way that only a starlet could do it. ‘She’s My Winona’ is written about thunders and… Babies? Well, whatever. The song is catchy and there is not much to say about it. Catchy is all I can think about right now. ‘America’s Suitehearts’ is simplistic all the way through, except in the chorus. It has musically written Pop all over it, except in the chorus, where it smashes into a huge number of guitars ”Let’s hear it for America’ssweethearts! / But I must confess, I’m in love with my own sins” Stump sings. ‘Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown’ is a synthesizer-based, beautifully made song. ”Does your husband know? / The way that the sunshine gleams from your wedding band?” Patrick asks, before going to a sad, but magically enchanted piano-part… ”I will never end up like him”.’The (Shipped) Gold Standard’ shows the best vocals that Stump ever presented so far, with amazing lyrics to help the song. Yes, the song is amazing and its among the best they ever did so far. ”I want to scream ‘I love you’ from the top of my lungs / But I’m afraid someone might hear me” is an example of the craftsmanship that FOB developed on this song. ‘(Coffee’s For Closers)’ is another anthem. ”Change will come” is the main message here, and the song is driven by violins. It is also quite an anthem and another prove that FOB are on their top notch ”Fly your cameras in the air/ And wave them ‘cus I just don’t care”. ‘What A Catch, Donnie’ is a tribute to FOB themselves, containing hooks or chorus from songs that were major hits (except ‘Growing Up’). It’s the ballad from the album, and is it beautifully! ’27’ is a fast, heavily based on lyrics and distorted guitars that combine themselves to make an amazing song ”If home is where the heart is, then we’re all just fucked”. ”Doing lines of dust and sweat on last night stages / Just to feel like you…” ends a fast, slick chorus. ‘Tiffany Blews’ is definitely my favorite song. No, it’s not the richer in musicianship. No, it’s not the most impressive lyrically. It’s just the catchier. Tuns into 80’s funks and mixes it up with the a verse from Lil’ Wayne… Wich isn’t well implemented. Recorded on Auto-Tune, it sounds like someone recorded him with the phone quality and then he just add Auto-Tune. Really, it just feels weird. But the rest of the song, is pure catchyness all the way through. ‘w.a.m.s’ is a rock tune. Yes, you heard it right. Despite claiming that features Pharrel, I didn’t instantly heard him. He just feels under-used… He could be so much more on this song… Well, ”I’m gonna leave you / I’m gonna teach you”. I still didn’t find a reason to ’20 Dollar Nose Bleed’ reminds me so much of Christmas… Is it because we’re near of Christmas? Or is it because after the chorus, the song kicks of to a Christmas Carrol/”Pretty. Odd” rhythm? I guess I’ll never know. ‘My Bezantrine” Patrick Stump sings while he claps. ‘West Coast Smoker’ comes really to the ”weird” feel. It is noisy, it is shouty and despite listenable, it’s really weird. I mean, they could end the album with a much more focused song on Pop, instead of shouting with Debbie to microphones. Well, it’s still pretty perfect.

Going to the books as ‘Best album of the 2000’s’? With all the hype I gave, it is actually going as one of the best albums. It doesn’t fail a single thing (exclude ‘West Coast Smoker’) and it is just plain Pop all the way through. And FOB fans couldn’t ask for more.


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