‘When The World Comes Down’ : Review


  • 2.5 OUT OF 5 STARS

Do you remember The All-American Rejects? You know, the teens who were constantly in FOB’s shadow and with two or three hit singles? Well, they’re back. ‘Move Along’, their last record, was one of the most influential records of 2005/2006, time where pop-punk was heard everywhere and alternative bands were starting to become mainstream ones. But now that they’re back with ‘When The World Comes Down’, things are slightly different in the mainstream. Hip-hop is starting win back the mainstream again (Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West on the lead) and pop-punk bands are now belonging more to the Vans Warped Tour… It’s a shame that AAR didn’t realize that. Of course this guys were in a lot of pressure. Elected as ‘The Most Waited Album Of 2008’ by Alternative Press and with millions of fans waiting for what the band was about to do, you would say that they were going to rock. Well, it happened exactly the contrary. Beginning with the extremely weak ‘I Wanna’ in chorus, vocals and exaggeratedlyEmo and ending with a not-so-bad ‘Sunshine’ track, the album is extremely disappointing. It seems like they just did ‘Move Along’ but instead of correcting the mistakes of their last album, they just added more mistakes. They can’t reach in no way the factor catchy that makes All Time Low such a popular band among pop-punk fans or the infectious rhythms of We The Kings. All the way through the album, you don’t find a track  that isn’t lyrically weak in every way. I could find million examples of try-and-fails on the album. When it comes to musicianship, AAR aren’t bad for a band that is essentially between pop and punk. The acoustic guitar is present all the way through the album, but still there is not a single song you didn’t heard a million times before. Piano is also a part of the album, but it is really passable. There is only on track that I’m able to listen and that I don’t complain (a lot) about. ‘The Real World’ is fast, it’s big, it has got everything that is needed from a pop-punk band. And this was the track that actually made me look forward for the album (Yes, I blocked you Youtube).

In the end, all you have to think about before going to your local record store or to iTunes or where ever you want to go, think about this: Are you willing to buy a 16 dollar album (it depends) that only has one good track? If you’re willing to, then go forward. For the other persons that have ears and a brain, buy ‘The Real World’ and spend the rest of your money on something useful and listenable.


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