Records that I can’t wait to listen to.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve wrote anything in this blog. Mainstream music releases are nowhere to be seen and I just can’t find recent records that I would like to review. So, I made a list of the records that I eagerly await:

   1. My Chemical Romance – TBA (4th Studio Album)

My Chemical Romance’s ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ was one of the most marking records to be released on the mainstream this decade. Now, the band has to prepare an even bigger, better and monstrous record with production values through the roof… It sounds like an impossible mission, but when you’re nominated for best band in most of the awards, it seems something they can do.

   2. All Time Low – TBA (2nd Studio Album)

All Time Low’s debut album was fantastic. Every track was unique, despite we all heard before pop-punk. Now, that the band is finally starting to being known, they have a huge job on their hands. Make a sophomore album that surpasses their debut album in every single way. Can they do it? Only time will tell…

   3. We The Kings – TBA (2nd Studio Album)

We The Kings are in the same vain has All Time Low. Both their debut albums were amazing pop-punk and now they have a huge job on their hands. Only time will tell if they can do it.

   4. Against Me! – TBA (5th Studio Album)

Part from the Vans Warped Tour generation, this punk rockers got number 8 on The Rolling Stone’s list of the best 100 albums of 2007. This and a lot of hype towards them is making  their next studio album one of the most anticipated albums of this decade.

   5. Cobra Starship – TBA (3rd Studio Album)

Pop-punk runs in their veins but dance-rock is what keeps them moving. That’s how I feel about CB. Their debut album was pretty impressive and the sophomore was a little disappointing, but not enough to be a slump. Can they recover the sound that made them so famous or improve their actual sound to a better and bigger one?


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