“Lonely Road” By The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

  Lonely Road cover

  • 2.5 OUT OF 5 STARS


Disappointment is the only word to describe what I felt after I heard Lonely Road. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are a little like Cute Is What We Aim For when it comes to describe the band’s sound. It’s essentially a pop-punk band, that tries to diversify their songs by introducing acoustic guitars, horns and other unusual instruments for pop-punk bands. But the problem here is that CIWWAF know how to use them correctly. They disguise their weak lyrics with fast pop-punk melodies with huge hooks that make you want to sing-along, no matter how much you suck singing. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus can’t do that. Their songs all sound the same and if the first song makes you want to sing, than I guarantee you that the second song won’t do that. 

   I would like to say that this would be the album that would shut up all TRJA haters. But, unfortunately, it just gave them more reasons to hate. I think the most evident reason here are the lyrics. They suck. Really, they do. I think that a student from the 6th grade could actually write better than them. They just try way to hard. The lyrics can be really silly as in “It’s funny how the words of a child can be / Simple, but the thought there is so simple”. This is just an example of how this guys try too hard to make phrases look poetical, and they end up silly. 

   Then, there is the musicianship. I’ve already talked a little about it. They use a lot of unusual instruments when compared to usual pop-punk bands, but they use them too often. Unlike CIWWAF, as I said early, they use them to cover the lyrics… But they use it how? They try to ”hide” this instruments in the song, making them not clearly listenable, but an welcome addition. TRJA almost ”screams” at you as in ”Hey, we use an acoustic guitar. Now you can gives a good score for musicianship?”, which is never good. FOB also do this, but it’s not in EVERY song, it’s just in some, which makes it everything but repetitive. In Lonely Road, it is simply repetitive.

   This album could’ve been so much more. There is a lot of potential in this pop-punk that is yet to be uncovered, but you just can’t feel it on Lonely Road. Let me spare you some money: Buy any song from the album, repeat it 11 times, and you just heard Lonely Road. It’s that repetitive.


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