Not Without A Fight By New Found Glory.


  • 3.5 OUT OF 5 STARS

   If you are a pop-punk fan or you simply like listening to bands singing about girls and tragedies while playing fast melodies, then NFG is for you.

   I’m going to be honest with you. I never heard any of their albums except for this one. So, don’t expect me to compare this album to other ones, claiming if it is better or worst.

   So, with that said, let me start my review. Not Without A Fight is a enjoyable record. It’s fast, it has a lot of hooks and it has lyrics about girls. Listening to songs like “I’ll Never Love Again” and “Heartless At Best”, you have instant flashbacks of your high-school times, with these songs being perfect for the background. They remind you of the Summer, of those times when the only thing you had to worry about was what you were going to wear in that day.

   But, unfortunately, while reminding you from the Summer can be good, it also can be bad. This record isn’t something that inovates, or at least tries to. This record is the same record that you have been listening for years, the same pop-punk CD with the same lyrics. The only thing that changes here are the vocals and the members that play the instruments. We’ve all seen the kid in the stage singing about heartbreaks, recoveries and lies.

   But, don’t worry. Just because it’s the same record you’ve been listening for years, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, it’s pretty good. Songs like “Such A Mess” can be predictable, but they are far more enjoyable than some pop-punk bands that trie to make something new, and end up with a dull record.

   Not Without A Fight is not a bad record, but it isn’t a fantastic one either. It’s just a enjoyable collection of  12 old-school punk songs . Nothing more, nothing less.


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