‘Here We Go Again’ Review

Demi Lovato: Here We Go Again


Demi Lovato is one of Disney’s most prominentstars. Unlike the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato isn’t an artist that rocks cutie pop-rock songs. She rather focuses on a more rock-oriented sound, standing out of the usual Disney artist. Here We Go Again is the follow-up to 2008’s breakthrough  Don’t Forget. Demi quickly stood out as a very talented singer, able of singing in powerful rock songs and simples pop ballads. But if there was one thing that quickly drove off people on Don’t Forget was the lyrics. They were your typical generic lyrics that your Disney artists present you every day. Don’t change who you are after you get famous? Heard it. That boy broke up with you and you still love him? Again, already heard it. Don’t get me wrong, songs like ‘Get Back’ were still catchy, but lacked any originality. Now, with John Mayer and William Becket (among others) behind her lyrics, Demi seems to be ready to jump to maturity.

The first thing you’ll notice in Here We Go Again is that most of the songs aren’t quickly catchy as they were in Don’t Forget. They seem a lot more complex, and this is, in this case, a good thing. Songs like ‘Falling Over Me’ may not win you as fast as, let’s say, ‘Don’t Forget’, but with time and patience, they’ll be stuck in your head for days. This obviously has its disadvantages, taking in count that this is a pop album, so the songs are supposed to be catchy right away, which they aren’t here.

Musically, Demi Lovato’s new album is a blast. Here We Go Again features an impressive array of styles, such as straight-ahead rock (‘Remember December’), emotive ballads (‘Gift Of A Friend’) and that mix of pop and rock that results in an insanely catchy song (‘Solo’ and ‘Here We Go Again’). Obviously this wouldn’t be anything special if it wasn’t fueled by Lovato’s fantastic voice, that just keeps getting better.

Now, lyrically, Here We Go Again is a mixed bag. On on hand, the lyrics have a much more mature feel, which is a very welcome change from the typical Disney artists. On the other hand, it still suffers from the boys problem and the clichéd Disney themes. It’s basically the same as Don’t Forget but from a mature point of view.

So, all in all, Here We Go Again is a solid album, from the charming Disney star Lovato, that should keep fans satisfied and still please newcomers. Everyone looking for originality here, or even a change, should look elsewhere.

Grade: B


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