‘Run It Up The Flagpole’ Review

 Farewell – Run It Up The Flagpole


Forget everything you thought it was true about Farewell. Forget that their debut was pop-punk based on synthesizers, because this isn’t the Farewell you knew.

Taking a more stylistically approach to the pop-punk genre (depends on the point of view), Farewell deliver here an album that will take you back to the ’90s, when Dookie and Enema Of The State were being played everywhere and when people started sueing companies because there coffee was too hot.

With eleven songs, Run It Up The Flagpole sounds easily like it could’ve been written by blink-182 or Green Day. Even the cover is a knock-off of Dookie! The fact that this album isn’t a standout in anything is both its curse but also a gift.

Pop-punk isn’t know for its originality, but rather its catchy tunes with angst-filled lyrics, and Farewell is the prove of this. This album doesn’t have a single thing that actually makes them sound better than their peers, but its a really fun album. Songs like ‘Expect The Worst’ and ‘Drop Dead’ take you back to your youth and those really sunny days, when you’d spend your days in the beach with your best friends. It’s an album that takes you through a trip down memory lane.

But there isn’t a single that defines this band. Everything is pure, standard pop-punk, besides some songs where they trade their angst-filled lyrics for sunny lyrics and use a synthesizer. Not even the vocals are a standout. There is nothing to complain about this pop-punk sophomore, because this album is so average that it can’t really be hated.

This is a good album, don’t get me wrong, but this is such a standard pop-punk effort that this album can’t really be considered anything more than just a fun album, that will surely remind you of the Summer and your really bad haircut during your high-school years.

Grade: B


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