‘brand new eyes’ Review

Paramore – brand new eyes

The Warped Tour isn’t actually the most respected tour around. Sure, it was responsible for cementing the popularity of some great bands such as Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance, but it was also responsible for bringing such horrible bands as brokenCyde and Blood On The Dancefloor to the teen-mass. Until today, I honestly considered Paramore a bad band. RIOT! is a weak album and aside from a few solid songs, it was nothing more than a mediocre pop-punk album. brand new eyes, on the other hand, is a fantastic, catchy album, that completely took me by surprise. Paramore aren’t anymore that whiny band that complained just about everything in their lifes. They’re a smart, intuitive band that focused on the problems they had since they became famous and wrote about them, resulting in a mind-blowing experience.

Beginning the album with ‘Careful’ is an obvious step, as the song focuses on trust among friends and talks about some of the problems the band had over the years. The band then ventures through many topics such as love (‘The Only Exception’), hate (‘Ignorance’) and happiness (‘Where The Lines Overlap’) and approaches them wisely, always choosing the lyrics, which are great this time around, over the song’s structure. It is a wise choice, as Paramore seem to be better when they focus on the songwriting than when they focus on the composition.

But nothing would work unless Hailey Williams wasn’t carrying every song with a fantastic voice, that seems  to get better and better every year. It’s amusing to see Williams sing in such a beautiful, heartfelt way. She sounds honest throughout the album, which in my eyes, is a fantastic achievement.

There isn’t much to say besides the fact that the band has definitely made one of the finest albums of the year. Paramore have somehow managed to make me forget everything I thought I knew about them and they reinvented themselves in a completely new way. brand new eyes is an album everyone should listen, and enjoy.

Grade: A


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