‘Endgame’ Review

Megadeth – Endgame

Metal has never been a genre I actually appreciated. Sure, it is energetic as hell and it has amazing guitar solos, but it also gives me headaches and the lyrics just aren’t my thing. But still, I decided to give it a shot and the album my friend recommended me was the new Megadeth album, Endgame.

And I have to say, what an album. Megadeth delivered here an album that represents what metal should be all about. Mind-blowing solos, frantic interplay between all the instruments and angry vocals with lyrics to match. It’s definitely a wild, satisfying experience that will surely be appreciated  by all metal fans.

It’s impressive that a band quite old can still pull out an album with this much energy. Dave Mustain and his band still have a lot to give to the world of metal, so let’s start the review.

Beginning the album is ‘Dialectic Chaos’, an instrumental song that kicks things off in a majestic, epic way. There isn’t much to say about it besides the cool solo. Next is ‘This Day We Fight!’ and this is where things start to get interesting. The song is packed with solos, energy and great vocals. The lyrics are kind of generic though, but it’s still a good song, and besides, you really don’t need amazing lyrics to appreciate the metal.

The album then continues with a good flow that is always nice to see. ’44 Minutes’ sounds a little less heavy than most of the stuff on the album, ‘Endgame’ sees Megadeth pulling a chorus that is actually kind of catchy (!) and ‘The Hardest Part Of Letting Go… Sealed With A Kiss’ starts as an acoustic, melodic song before the guitars kick in and Megadeth return to their old formula.

And this is where the only problem I have with the album is. It doesn’t have variety. Rockers are pretty standard in metal, and I’m sure Megadeth prefers to release huge songs instead of melodic songs, but Mustaine also has to realize that a little variety is welcome.

But, aside from that problem, Megadeth have here a fantastic metal album. ‘Head Crusher’ and ‘1,320’ will surely be part of the band’s sets for many years and ‘The Right To Go Insane’ closes things in proper fashion, with a huge solo. I recommend this album to anyone that is a fan of metal or Megadeth. It’s worth every buck you spend on it.

Grade: A-


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