‘Lost In Pacific Time’ Review

The Academy Is… – Lost In Pacific Time

William Beckett and his peers were easily one of the best bands in the pop-punk genre since 2005. Almost Here is a fast-paced, electrifying album that kicked off what would be a brilliant career. Santi, the sophomore album, was a raw but energetic album, that while not quite as brilliant as their debut, it was still very good. Add this to Fast Times At Barrington High which is probably the best description of what high-school is like, and you have three great albums.

So why did TAI… decide to release a boring, mundane EP? Because AP made them do it? Because they wanted to be melodic and ended up being boring? I don’t know, but Lost In Pacific Time is one of the worst EPs I’ve heard in quite a while.

Kicking things off is ‘I’m Yours Tonight’ which is a predictable, clichéd song about love, a theme that TAI… used to tackle so perfectly. It has a decent chorus though, but there is little else to redeem the song. Following is the even more boring ‘Days Like Masquerades’ which, again, has a decent chorus, but horrible lyrics. I don’t know what’s going on with William Beckett’s head, but I think it’s better he sets his priorities straight before writing another song. The next three songs are exactly the same as the first ones. TAI… always manage to pull out a catchy chorus, but they ruin it with boring verses and awful lyrics.

There isn’t much to say about this EP that I haven’t said by now. Every song is boring, the lyrics are awful and aside from the decent chorus and Beckett’s voice (which continues as good as it ever was), the EP is a waste of time. Don’t buy it, unless you’re a fan and your desperate for new songs.

Grade: C-


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