‘Raditude’ Review

Weezer – Raditude

I really had high hopes for Raditude. The hilarious cover, the awesome title and quite possibly the best song Weezer has put out since Pinkertown, ‘(If You’re Wondering If I Want You) I Want You To’. River Cuomos and his band had pretty much everything going for them and this was bond to be one of those remarkable albums that define a decade and generation.

Good God, if Raditude proved anything to me, is that I should never get excited about a Weezer album… Well, at least since Pinkertown, yes.

Raditude is a boring, extremely awkward and simply an extremely annoying collection of eleven songs that can range from great to pretty much horrible.

The song that starts the album ‘(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To’ is a great, extremely silly, yet catchy pop song. The lyrics are quite nice, with subtle references to the 90’s, and Cuomo’s voice is as pleasant as ever. As I said before, it’s the best song I’ve heard from Weezer since 1996, and that’s saying a lot. However, it is also the only good song in this album.

‘I’m Your Daddy’ as a promising beginning, with shredding guitars and a rock feel, but it soon falls short on the chorus: ”You are my baby tonight/ And I’m your daddy”? That’s quite possibly the worst lyrics I’ve ever seen (no, I’m not taking into consideration brokenCyde). What’s worse is that this song pretty much defines the rest of the album. Every song starts interesting enough but when it reaches the chorus, it becomes pretty annoying.

Songs like ‘Tripping Down The Freeway’ and ‘The Girl Got Hot’ have amazing, quite funny verses (“You preferred to go to a voleyball game / I told you couldn’t be more lame”) but really boring, awkward choruses. Sure, we have ‘Let It All Hang Out’, which is the only song besides the opening track to include a good chorus, but these leaves us with only two completely good songs. And this is why it is really painful for me to say that these songs are actually the best on the album. ‘Can’t Stop Partying’ and ‘Love Is The Answer’ are horrible, annoying  songs that just give more reasons for past Weezer fans hate them even more.

I don’t tend to hate a lot of the albums I listen. Even the worse generally compensate by having enjoyable lyrics or a little bit of creativity. However, I found absolutely no reason to actually like Raditude. Aside from two songs, it’s quite possibly one of the most boring and cheap albums to come from a (once) great band.

Grade: D+


One response to “‘Raditude’ Review

  1. “I’m Your Daddy” was a song for Rivers’ daughter when she was sick.

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