Music that can change your life – #25

I know that I missed out on Say Anything’s new album, as well as Cartel’s one and even Person L’s one (they are all great) but I’ve been really busy and I don’t actually have someone to help me carry over this blog.

Still, from 1st December through 25th December, I will try to post twenty-five albums that can truly change your perspective on life, obviously only if you have an open mind. Anyway:

Maybe it’s just the beautiful cover or Vasoli’s uplifting lyrics, but Direction is a gem in a genre that most people don’t know a band can belong to: Pop. Every day, people just look at Lady Gaga or Beyoncé and define that pop sucks, although it gave us arguably one of the best bands to ever grace us with their music (The Beatles).

Direction could be defined, by the common listener, as a pop-punk album, but songs like “Island” and “Need To Love” just don’t contain any kind of punk. It is pure, delicious pop goodness.

The Starting Line have never been a really great band (Based On A True Story is not as good as a lot of people make it look) but with Direction they have finally advanced musically, lyrically and even vocally.

There is not one single song that you will want to skip on this album and with good reason: The lyrics are charming, Vasoli’s voice is great and the musics have a good structure. If I really have one critic about this is the lack of originality. These songs aren’t exactly going to turn some skeptics into pop lovers because they are more of the same. But, in this case, more of the same is great.

So, in conclusion, Direction is a fantastic album. It may not appeal to everyone, as it is basically a pop album, but the ones who succumb to its sugary hooks will be well served with a gem in a genre that is growing stale.

Listen to: 21, Island, Need To Love.


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