Music that can change your life – #24

Another album with a beautiful cover, another band that tries to hide behind the pop-punk genre. Reach For The Sun is one of those albums you can listen to at 6 am in a sunny morning. It gives you this feeling inside that you are connected with the world and that there is always hope for the future.

The Dangerous Summer are not great musically or vocally. They are still too rough around the edges and they still haven’t found a way to just push themselves from the pop-punk genre. But who cares about the originality or even the vocals when you have the most fantastic lyrics to come from a band in ages.

Reach For The Sun is an album inspired with change, love, happiness and sadness, focusing on them in a way most bands only can imagine. Songs like “Where I Want To Be” and “The Permanent Rain” feature lyrics that don’t sound artificial in any way. They just sound like AJ Perdomo is being honest about everything that is happening in his life, about all the changes he is going through and about all the times he felt truly happy.

Pop-punk isn’t a genre marked by originality but with Reach For The Sun, The Dangerous Summer managed to found a way to make their album filled with pop-punk to sound fresh, honest and inspiring.

Listen to: Settle Down, The Permanent Rain, Where I Want To Be.


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