Music that can change your life – #22

The cover may be cryptic and the band may have been a little green by this time, but Clarity is the most cohesive album that Jimmy Eat World have ever released. Unlike the agressive Bleed American or even the poppy Futures, this album is a much more melodical album that is much more rock than pop-punk, like some people generally describe this band. Or even emo.

Filled with enough sugary hooks to keep you entertained from start to finish, Clarity is an album that, much like The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New, rewards multiple listens. Because behind all the hooks and catchy choruses, lies a beautiful album, carried over by Adkins’ raw vocals. It is a fantastic experience from start to finish, filled with imaginitive lyrics and harmonies.

Songs like “Lucky Denver Mint” and “Your New Aesthetic” will keep pop fans singing along with the songs, “A Sunday” pleases the indie and ballad lovers and “Crush” hints at the band’s future album, the rock-filled Bleed American. It’s a great combination, that pleases different tastes and is more universal than their latest albums.

There isn’t much left that I can say without sounding redundant. Clarity is a fantastic album, filled with so much elements that there is simply something for everyone. I recommend this for anyone wanting for something that sounds different.

Listen to: A New Aesthetic, A Sunday, Goodbye Sky Harbor.


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