Music that can change your life – #20

 Do you miss The Beatles? Do you love harmonies between vocalists filled with mystical lyrics and odd cover arts? Well, then Panic At The Disco are a perfect match for you! Pretty. Odd. is a great piece of work and, while probably not quite as good as, say, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (but then again, what is?), it’s still an imaginative, involving album that really puts life in a brighter perspective.

Every song sounds like a celebration, led by Brendon’s and Ryan’s fantastic vocals, and it manages to sound so fresh in an age where electronic music sweeps the charts. Whether it is the honest ballad “Northern Downpour” or the danceable “She’s A Handsome Woman”, the album never gives in to the fast-paced pop-punk that we saw in their debut, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.

But if there is something wrong with this album, it as got to be the creativity. While, like I said, everything sounds fresh in this day and age, if we go back to the 60’s, this album plays exactly like a lot of the albums released during that decade, that was dominated by The Beatles, Panic’s obvious inspiration.

But, because we’re currently in the 21st century, it doesn’t really matter. Pretty. Odd. is a fantastic showpiece, that delivers a no-filler, all-killer experience. A definitive must-buy.

Listen to: Nine In The Afternoon, When The Day Met The Night, Do You Know What I’m Seeing?


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