Music that can change your life – #21

Green Day just aren’t as brilliant as they used to be. While American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown are good albums, they just aren’t as funny and, well, as fun as Dookie is. Billie Joe Armstrong is an amazing writer and while he now involves politics in his albums, in 1994, he was writing about girls and friends and feelings. And honestly, it was all hilarious.
Although entitled a pop-punk album, musically, Green Day’s album is as pop as any Maroon 5 album (just not as crafty). Featuring catchy choruses and sing-a-long hooks, Green Day had more in common with Fall Out Boy in that time than with, say, blink-182. They were pop, but who cares, when the songs are just so damn catchy?
“Bite my lip and close my eyes / Take me away to paradise / I’m so damn bored I’m going blind / And I smell like shit” are not the best lines to sing around your family, but still they find a way to get stuck in your head and refuse to leave.
“Longview”, “Welcome To Paradise” and “Burnout” are just some of the highlights in this album, powered by Armstrong’s powerful voice, that feature nice riffs and funny lyrics. It all seems to be dumb and fun on the surface, but beneath the layers of sugary hooks, lies an album that deals really well with typical feelings of boredom and loneliness.

So, ok, Dookie may not change your life, like the title of this post suggests, but when you’re having this much fun and so many catchy hooks, does it really matter? This album is classic. Enough said.

Listen to: Longview, Welcome To Paradise, She.


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