Music that can change your life – #19

When a band is named fun. and the cover for their album features a turkey standing in a gun, that is never a good sign. Still, Aim And Ignite is a fantastic pop gem, that focuses on the pop most people don’t usually recognise. It’s a much more balanced and classic style, that makes Aim And Ignite sound like something inspired by the real popular music, not the genre featuring Shakira.

Focused rather on the vocals and hooks than the lyrics, fun.’s frontman Nate Ruess uses his impressive voice to carry over every song with a conviction not seen in a lot of vocalists. He sounds like he is having fun recording this album, something that is best shown in the single “All The Pretty Girls”, a fantastic song that gets stuck in your head from the moment you listen to it.

But not everything is about hooks on this album. Aim And Ignite also features a wide array of instruments, going from the violin to the cello and passing through the acoustic guitar. It is good to see a band using different instruments and various guest vocalists to give their album a new life.

So, to conclude, I believe that this is an impressive album. fun. crafted here one of the most imaginitive pop albums in recent memory, filled with catchy hooks and abstract lyrics. Buy this if you like the real popular genre.

Listen to: All The Pretty Girls, Be Calm, At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be).



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