Music that can change your life – #18

 Featuring a cover reminiscent from the days where TV was still black and white and when our water wasn’t as polluted as it is today, Sherwood’s QU is a fantastic album that uses only a couple of instruments to support its mature lyrics, a sign that Sherwood are growing up.

Lyrics are obviously not the first thing you think about when you hear the word ‘pop’ but Sherwood mix the accessibility that this genre has with Brand New-esque lyrics. Sure, they are not as dark, like shown in the sugary-pop “Hit The Bottom”, but they also see the band venture to previously uncomfortable lands. Dark feelings, loneliness and love are all there, treated in a very compelling way.

But still, the album has an issue and that is, like Brand New’s The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me, the fact that it takes some listens for the album to really click.

Don’t get me wrong, as some songs like the mentioned “Hit The Bottom” and “Not Gonna Love” will get stuck in your head in the moment you listen to them, but apart from the first three songs, the album takes a while to really kick in.

Still, QU is a gem. It needs perseverance and time to grow, but when it finally does, you’ll be leaving this album in repeat for a long time. A classic from the new age.

Listen to:  Hit The Bottom, Shelter, Ground Beneath My Feet.


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