Music that can change your life – #17

Looking back at my Fast Times At Barrington High review, I don’t think it should receive four stars. It is definetly a three stars album because, when compared to the fantastic Santi, that mixed pop-punk with a raw, rock-esque sound, it just sounds much, much worse.

Santi is a wet dream for any pop lover, filled with energized songs typical in the genre (“Neighbors”) and more mature-sounding songs (“Everything We Had”) than their previous album, Almost Here. Lead by Beckett’s voice, the album has an unique shine to it, as it doesn’t sound like anything that you’d usually see in a pop-punk album. The production values aren’t the best and auto-tune could’ve been used to a lesser degree, but for what it is, Santi is one hell of a ride.

You get tunes you can dance with like “LAX to O’hare”, the best song The Academy Is.. has released so far and even angry tunes like “Bulls In Brooklyn”. It’s a very diverse album, but it still manages to be cohesive.

In conclusion, I believe Santi can, without a doubt, change your life. Filled with intricate lyrics, Queen-like choruses and even challenging guitar riffs, The Academy Is.. has released an album fantastic for this day and age.

Listen to: Neighbors, Bulls In Brooklyn, We’ve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands Tonight.


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