Music that can change your life – #12

Pop. Some people love it, other people hate it. There are many reasons to hate it, as it as easily spawned some of the worst musicians of this decade (as well as rap) but when you want to find a band that knows exactly how to make catchy songs, clever lyrics and as a fantastic vocalist, you have to go search this genre. Maroon 5 could easily be the definition of pop. Adam Levine’s vocals are amazing and make even the worst song at least listenable (he should cover PCD songs) and he is just the best singer in the genre right now.

But Maroon 5 aren’t all about the vocals. Their about the witty hooks, the smug lyrics and the synthesizer. Songs like “Makes Me Wonder” and “Nothing Lasts Forever” may all wear the same theme (love, obviously) but they always sound fresh.

The band combines numerous elements from different genres and puts them into a pop song. But they don’t do it like Fall Out Boy, who basically try to mix as much things as possible into a song (I still don’t know how they make their songs sound so good). No, Maroon 5 are more careful and approach their songs with better care, making them sound much more stripped (in a good way) and worked than most bands.

 There are the essential ballads here, like the fantastic “Not Falling Apart” and the catchy “Goodnight, Goodnight” but there are a couple of surprises too. Specifically, a song named “Kiwi”. Beggining with only the bass and drums, the song starts to slowly build until it just ends in a monumental rock sound, filled with guitars, drums, basses and even synthesizers in the mix. It’s a mind-blowing song and it surprises you in a way most pop songs just can’t.

It Won’t Be Soon Before Long is a fantastic album. It’s not revolutionary or original, but by taking the best elements from different genres, Maroon 5 made here one of the best albums this decade and quite possibly the best pop album of the decade, hands down.

Listen to: Kiwi, If I Never See Your Face Again, Wake Up Call.


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