Music that can change your life – #13

 It’s not as effective as X & Y is. It’s not as surprising as A Rush Of Blood To The Head. But still, Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends is an amazing album, that does more in 45 minutes than Coldplay’s previous efforts ever did.

Spawning 10 amazing songs, filled with fantastic vocals, intricate lyrics and a composition approaching genius, Coldplay’s latest effort is as effective as any of their previous albums is, or even more.

Songs like “Strawberry Swing” and “Lovers In Japan” see the band stray away from their comfortable sound to a more abrasive, energetic one, instead of the typical ballads. Chris Martin’s voice is the obvious standout here, showing much confidence in the vocals and singing each line with emotion and pride.

Coldplay have always brought beauty to their music and obviously this album is no different. Just look at “Viva La Vida” or “Violet Hill”, the head singles and their best songs in the album too.

It’s a fantastic album. Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends shows so much confidence from the arena-rocking band that you just can’t resist the harmonies, the lyrics about love or the rockers the band shows here. A classic album.

Listen to: Viva La Vida, Violet Hill, Yes.


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