Music that can change your life – #10

There is a reason why Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible is in here instead of Funeral. It’s just a better album overall. The lyrics are better and arguably more interesting, the composition of the musics is as brilliant as in their debut and the vocals… Well, they are there and they do their job.

Win Butler may not be the best vocalist in his range (that award goes to Guy Garvey) but he definitely is an extraordinary lyricist, writing lyrics full of mistery, mixing them with French and refering to neon bibles and black mirrors. They aren’t your typical lyrics but in the moment they hook you, you will be amazed throughout the whole album up to the last minute.

“Keep The Car Running” stands out as the best song in the album, with an upbeat momentum and nice lyrics, “Black Mirror” is an excellent opener for a mystical album and “Neon Bible” is an interesting and compelling album.

I’m not going to say much about Neon Bible because it isn’t an album that deserves to be written about. It deserves to be felt, to be experienced and to be enjoyed. A must-have album.

Listen to: Keep The Car Running, Black Mirror, Ocean Of Noise.


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