Music that can change your life – #11

With a sexually suggestive cover, you’d think … is a Real Boy is nothing more than just another pop-punk album. Well, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. In fact, this isn’t even a pop-punk album! Say Anything are an indie band portrayed by frontman Max Bemis, who writes the majority of the lyrics that he bases on his life.

Initially planned as a rock-opera, …is a Real Boy quickly developed to much more than that by adding layers and layers of emotion, shyness and lyrics about… sex. It’s an album that goes through the ages 15-18 of Max Bemis’ life so what did you expect?

“Alive With The Glory Of Love” is a fantastic showcase of the band, with harmonies, simple riffs yet a complicated structure in the song and simple lyrics about love. There are songs that are either better from a lyrical point of view (“Woe”) and even songs that watch Max focus better on the lyrics (“An Orgy Of Critics”) but still “Alive” is the best song on the album because it is nothing short of brilliant.

… is a Real Boy is an amazing album. With excellent songs, great variety and a complex look at teenagers nowadays, Say Anything did here an amazing album. If you like this album, … was a Real Boy is a collection of excellent demos, featuring the surprisingly catchy “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” each will make you sing a chorus that isn’t exactly appropriate for your family (“I called her on the phone and she touched herself / I laughed myself to sleep”).

Listen to from … is a Real Boy: Woe, Alive With The Glory Of Love, Spidersong.

Listen to from … was a Real Boy: Wow, I Can Sexual Too; Little Girls; It’s A Metaphor Fool.


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