Music that can change your life – #7

There are many ways to describe an album: A masterpiece, a brilliant record, a fantastic showcase, a complete dud or a waste of your time… But there is really only one word to describe The Killers’ Day and Age. Beautiful.

Brand Flower and his band started their careers with the perhaps too-brilliant Hot Fuss, which was both their curse and salvation. A salvation because it had fantastic songs with upbeat tempos and nice lyrics, which propelled them to stars right away and a curse because, like Franz Ferdinand, they were just getting started and they had already done a fantastic record. Obviously, the follow-up Sam’s Town wasn’t exactly a critics’ darling but, after two years, they released an album that surpassed Hot Fuss in every single way.

Look at the top-40 hit “Human” and the upbeat, pop-esque “Spaceman”. These songs were huge hits in ’08 and are still played in the radio regularly, thanks to its fantastic lyrics and good vocals. In fact, if the The Killers released any song in this album has a single, it would be a hit.

But pop is a moving genre, so the underrated, brilliant “The World We Live In” didn’t stand a chance among the other singles and “Dustland Fairytale” wasn’t exactly the best choice as a single, as it is a song that complements the album rather than standing out. “Losing Touch”, however, is an amazing song and should’ve been a single. Opening the album in a confident fashion, with lyrics like “I’m in no hurry / You go on and tell your friends I’m losing touch”, the band shows why it still is relevant among the thousands of bands that touched the mainstream.

Overall, Day and Age is a beautiful, touching record. Brandon Flowers spills his heart right here, which results easily in the best songs the band has written yet.A  classic.

Listen to: Losing Touch, Human, Spaceman.


2 responses to “Music that can change your life – #7

  1. I completely agree! Thank you for recognizing my favorite band in a professional and eloquent manner. Major kudos to you :]

  2. Thank you for recognizing the greatness of Day & Age!!! I feel like the only record of theirs that gets any significant recognition and praise is Hot Fuss, and while Hot Fuss is fantastic…so are their other albums!!! The Killers are an absolutely amazing band and everything they do is golden!!!

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