Music that can change your life – #8

 Charged with political-driven lyrics and fantastic vocals, Muse took a while to discover themselves but with Black Holes and Revelations, the band finally set itself apart from Radiohead and found its place in music.

It’s hard for a band that plays songs that reference conspiracies and  alien invasions to be taken seriously but by mixing various genres in a rock-esque sound, like The Clash (except with a better vocalist), Muse were, indeed, taken seriously. The mind-blowing vocals that Matthew Bellamy has and the extremely complex songs are just some of the factors that make this band the most brilliant and beloved band in the mainstream.

Although rock-esque anthems are abond in Black Holes and Revelations, like “Assassin”, Muse mixes things up a little this time around, specially with the hit-single “Supermassive Black Hole”. Sporting R&B elements and a catchy chorus, this mystical song is a brilliant piece of work and one of the standout tracks in the album. “Starlight” is another fantastic song, so simple (at least when compared with the other songs) yet so imaginative and beautiful in its on way.

There are plenty of songs to enjoy here. From the majestic “Invincible” to the fantastic songs that wraps up everything in an epic way (“Knights Of Cydonia”) there is something for everyone. Brilliant.

Listen to: Supermassive Black Hole, Starlight, Knights Of Cydonia.


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