Music that can change your life – #5

The curse of having a fantastic album as your debut is a sword with two blades. You get recognized right away and heralded as a fantastic band but you’ll have to work a lot harder to improve and make the follow-up just as good as the debut. Franz Ferdinand are the best case among the many bands suffering from this curse.

After recording the fantastic Franz Ferdinand, the band came up with the follow-up You Could Have It So Much Better which, unfortunately, lived up to its title. Still, the band seems to be recovering, by changing their musical direction and head towards dance-music with Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.

Still, the band’s magnum-opus is their precious debut, filled with rock tracks infected with catchy hooks and amazing guitar riffs. “Take Me Out” is the best rock track of the decade by far, with smug lyrics, amazing vocals and an overall fantastic feeling to it. It’s a brilliant song, that will surely be looked back as one of the standouts in rock music in the ’00s.

The album is filled with instant sing-a-long choruses, but Franz Ferdinand can be deeper than most rock bands. “The Dark Of The Matinée” is a brilliant song, exploring the relationships Kapranos had in the university. But what the band does best is make floor-fillers, like the hilarious “Tell Her Tonight” or the slightly confusing “Cheation On Her”.

Franz Ferdinand is a blast. The band delivered everything they could in the debut, which has so many fantastic tracks that you will be blasting this for years. A brilliant rock album.

Listen to: Take Me Out, The Dark Of The Matinée, This Fire.


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