Music that can change your life – #6

Rave music is annoying. There are almost no lyrics, the structure is repetitive and the songs are just… Boring. However, when joined by new-wave sounds and original lyrics, it turns out good. Very good.

Klaxons’ debut, Myths Of The Near Future, is a fantastic album, so disjointed and complex that you never feel you’re actually listening to an album that was thought through. It’s a glorious mess, with an obvious emphasis on the glorious part.

Klaxons like to play around with the typical sounds and harmonies from rave music, combining them into spectacular songs. “Golden Skans”, the first single, mixes the harmonies The Beatles used to be associated to with an indie vibe and imaginative, complex lyrics. “Magick” kicks things off in a retro style and doesn’t stray away much from that sound. The band joins some screams and, again, complex lyrics to the song, but nothing too far from the initial sound.

And that is exactly what makes Klaxons special. Even if you listen to the beginning of the song, you’ll never guess what comes next. They change rhythms like a girl changes clothes and they don’t follow the typical structure. They’re different, and that’s definitely a plus.

 Myths Of The Near Future is a fantastic, mind-blowing album. Complex lyrics are abond and, while they may throw off some listeners, those who stick around will love the ride.

Listen to: Magick, Golden Skans, Atlantis To Interzone.


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