Best albums of the year (2009)

2009 was a fantastic year for music. Say what you will, but we saw new releases from some big bands like Franz Ferdinand, Animal Collective, Arctic Monkeys, Megadeth, Muse and so much more. Still, some genres don’t seem to be recovering, as rap and metal, aside a few exceptions, continue as awful as ever. Now here are my favorite albums of the year.

10th – Nothing Personal by All Time Low

Say what you want about MTV’s sweethearts, but they are one of the only bands in the channel that actually tries to break the mold, by mixing happy-go-lucky lyrics with secure vocals. Nothing Personal is a fantastic rush with twelve fantastic pop songs from one of the most confident bands in the scene.

9th – Reach For The Sun by The Dangerous Summer

Although Mean Everything To Nothing is getting all the love from the critics, Reach For The Sun is, in my opinion, a better album. Don’t get me wrong, though. Manchester Orchestra’s album does have a better musicianship and fantastic lyrics, but The Dangerous Summer’s album is more energetic, more emotional and has better insights on life. It’s a fantastic album and one of the most refreshing takes in a while on the pop-punk genre.

8th – You Can’t Take It With You by As Tall As Lions

By the time “In Case Of Rapture” started playing, I was growing bored of this album. I mean, the musicianship was fantastic, the lyrics were complex and the vocals were pitch-perfect. So why was I bored by that? I don’t know, but after that track, As Tall As Lions completely surprised me, by doing an 180º on their music with the track “We’s Been Waitin’ “. It’s the ability to surprise when you least expect that makes this one of the best albums of the year.

7th – Armistice by MUTEMATH

With eccentric pop in mind, MUTEMATH pretty much define what bands ruled the mainstream in the 80s and 90s. Before all the crunkcore and pop-punk, songs like “Backfire” and “Spotlight” ruled the radios, and with good reason. They were catchy. However, MUTEMATH’s songs aren’t only catchy, but also feature fantastic lyrics and intricate musicianship, making Armistice one of the very best albums of the year.

6th – brand new eyes by Paramore

After a weak showing in Riot!, Paramore finally revealed their true potential in 2009. brand new eyes is an amazing, well-structured album, filled with excellent songs. Just look at the rush “Ignorance” offers and the insight Hailey offers on religion with “Playing God”. An excellent album.

5th – Tonight: Franz Ferdinand by Franz Ferdinand

How do you label this album? A dance record? Makes sense, if it wasn’t for the lyrics about going out (and not having fun) and Kaprano’s pitch-perfect voice, without any auto-tune. Then, is it a pop record? You’d think so, but there is just so much happening in the songs and the lyrics are so complex that it just can’t be. Whatever it is, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is a fantastic album, and one of the very best albums of the year.

4th – Say Anything by Say Anything

After defending a genre in the spawn of 80 or so minutes, Say Anything is back with another glorious album, albeit a smaller one. Instead of the pop-punk that the other albums so proudly presented, Max Bemis and company release here what is an essential pop record. Songs like “Less Cute” and “Eloise” rank among the best the band has ever written.

3rd – Aim And Ignite by fun.

Have you ever imagined what Broadway would sound like if it was reduced to an album? Well, wonder no more! Aim And Ignite sounds so expensive, so well-produced and so confident that it is really, but really hard to understand how can this album be the debut from this album. A mind-blowing pop album.

2th – Merriweather Post Pavillion by Animal Collective

 The most challenging, mind-blowing album released by this pop band yet. Buy it. Now.

1st – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix

How to resume this album in a sentence: The best pop album released in 20 years. Enough said.




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