Six long years…

Well, not exactly six years. It’s closer to five years and a half, but the sentiment is nonetheless the same: The last time I reviewed an album on this blog, the wonderfully enthusiastic Champ by Tokyo Police Club, I was a wide-eyed high schooler who had just started dipping his toes into the wonders of alternative pop, still struggling to let go of the pop-punk that had defined so much of my music library during the frankly confusing middle-school years.

Since then, however, I have graduated high school, found myself in my first serious long-term relationship all the while attending college, studying Computer Engineering. These have been six wonderful years, filled with personal growth and new, exciting experiences and a little bit of heartbreak. However, throughout these years, I’ve been finding myself missing writing long, thoughtful, error-riddled reviews about whatever albums I had been listening to over the last week or so, ready to share my enthusiasm (or lack thereof) with whatever little amount of readers I had.

It’s been too long WordPress, and I’m ready to start reviewing music again. Next up is Jamie XX’s In Colour. Spoiler alert: It’s amazing.


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